Press Release, Feb 21, 2018


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Gate Scientific Launches First to Market Temperature Sensing Wireless Stir Bar – the smartSENSE Stirbar™ - as Part of Their New WiFi Precision Hotplate™ Series. 

Press Release – Milpitas, February 21, 2018

Gate Scientific, Inc (, a Silicon Valley based life science and diagnostic company, is bringing to market the world’s first hotplate stirrer system for wireless temperature sensing and management.  The smartSENSE Technology™ that is built into each stir bar will make it easier then ever for scientists and laboratory technicians to run tightly controlled experiments and processes; even in completely sealed containers.

“The idea for a wireless temperature sensing stir bar came out of a specific need in our own lab to run a fully closed and tightly controlled experiment”, says Morten J Jensen, CEO of Gate Scientific. “Others have expressed similar requirements, but until recently the technology has simply not been available to accomplish what we can demonstrate here today.”

The RFID enabled smartSENSE Stirbar measures the temperature of the liquid in which it is immersed and continuously relays the data to the digital programmable Precision Hotplate Stirrer via wireless communication. Based on the real-time information from the stir bar, the hotplate stirrer will self-adjust the heat to maintain the temperature as specified. The WiFi enabled Precision Hotplate Stirrer may be accessed remotely from a computer or smartphone for monitoring and control.

Rethinking the traditional stir bar, the smartSENSE Stirbar, measuring 40mm, features integrated RFID wireless for communication and power and incorporates dual temperature sensing elements for higher accuracy of temperature measurements. The embedded neodymium magnet, which ensures superior coupling, is capsuled in inert EFEP Fluoropolymer for a broad range of applications.  

The patent pending smartSENSE Stirbar has been nominated as a finalist for the Excellence Award at Pittcon 2018. Winners are to be announced February 27. 

For additional information and supporting images, please contact:

Anita K Nielsen

VP Business Development & Marketing

m/ +1 408 656 3443



About Gate Scientific, Inc

Life science and diagnostic industry veterans Morten J Jensen and Kris Scaboo founded Gate Scientific in Silicon Valley. Since 2015, Gate Scientific has been designing products that enable great research and improve healthcare decisions. By bringing to market intuitive solutions that simplify complex problems, we allow for the latest technologies to benefit more people.   

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