About Gate Scientific


The Company

Gate Scientific was founded in Silicon Valley, 2015, by life science and diagnostic industry veterans, Morten J Jensen and Kris Scaboo. At Gate Scientific, we strive to make products that enable great research and improve healthcare decisions. By bringing to market intuitive solutions that simplify complex problems, we allow for the latest technologies to benefit more people. We are proud to manufacture locally in the San Francisco Bay Area with our partner Symprotek Corp


Innovative Lab Equipment

Born by the need for more accurate and tighter control in the lab, we have brought to market the world’s first wireless thermal feedback system.  Our Precision Hotplate/Stirrer line with smartSENSE magnetic stir bars allows for unfettered thermal management. With wireless temperature sensing, the smartSENSE Stirbars remove the need for traditional wired thermal probes and all of the associated issues. Patent pending.


Gate Diagnostics

Gate Scientific is working to simplify the diagnostic workflow for clinical laboratories and develop technologies to bring lab-quality diagnostics as close to the patient as possible. 

Partnering with the Department of Homeland Security, we are currently developing a molecular diagnostic platform that will bring the superior performance of nucleic acid testing to previously unreachable applications.


Intellectual Property

At Gate Scientific, we believe that strong intellectual property laws both drive innovation and allow society at large to benefit from technological advances. Patent and intellectual property protection is at the core of our business strategy. We are proud to work with our partner law firms Levine Bagade Han LLP, and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati LLP to maintain a robust intellectual property protection strategy.