Wireless Sensing in a Stir Bar: Temperature, Spin and pH

The RFID enabled smartSENSE® stir bar measures parameters such as the temperature of the liquid, actual spin as well as pH and continuously relays the data to the digital programmable base station. 

Based on the temperature real-time information, the integrated hotplate will self-adjust the heat setting to maintain the temperature as specified.

The entire setup is accessible via WiFi for remote monitoring, control and download of data log.

Buffers, Titration and Formulations have never been easier

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The smartSENSE digital programmable hotplate stirrer from Gate Scientific

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Gate Scientific was founded in Silicon Valley, 2015, by life science and diagnostic industry veterans, Morten J Jensen and Kris Scaboo. At Gate Scientific, we strive to make products that enable great research and improve healthcare decisions. By bringing to market intuitive solutions that simplify complex problems, we allow for the latest technologies to benefit more people.  

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